Tantra Erotic massage

A Sensual tantric massage  is a professional service offered to any adult over the age of eighteen (18). This is the minimum age as this is a massage that is erotic in nature.

Erotic massage is defined by a relaxing and sensual massage throughout the body.

Get ready to enjoy our innovative approach of Tantric Massage Therapy. A seductive type of adult massage treatment, developed to sensually rouse every inch of your body with a variation of gentle, lengthy feather-like strokes, short bursts of pressure, delicate Swedish Massage in addition to very sensuous massage using slipping and sliding motions.

Performed on a massage bed on the floor with lots of oils. So a Shower is needed after this treatment.

Naturist Full Body

Nude Massage

Our Sensual Naturist Massage is our 'flagship' therapy. I will use all our skills as a massuese to relax you, make you feel comfortable and release the stress that is locked in your body. We will then use a combination sensory stimulations to delight your senses and create a feeling of euphoria. We will both be without clothes throughout the session and within limits you will be able to touch me to complete your sensory delight. It will be a truly delightful experience for you, deeply relaxing and highly stimulating at the same time. You will be smiling when you leave!

Body to Body Massage

Body to body massage is a technique of massaging you with my full naked body.  I slide my body over your body and my curves giving a variety of pleasure and teasing sensations. It is done with light massage oils. This massage type is very relaxing and exciting as the I am fully naked.

Erotic Shower & Massage

My Shower Erotic Massage is very sensual,After a 30 minute full body massage I will join you in the shower and add a new dimension to body–to–body massage; your masseuse, like wind surfers, will do it standing up!

I will gently and sensually rinse your body, leaving no spot untouched; and while using lots of soap and hot water your masseuse will finally release you from every drop of stress inside your body.

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